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Tuesday Night Special
Promotion expires May 3rd.
Fibrous Malachite 
"New Shipment"
Sold in 22 lb Mix Size Cases
at $18.00 per lb
Size range 0-500g (approx. 1"-4")
New Mixed Druze Flats
from Brazil
Flats includes approx 25-28 pcs with avg. weight of 6.6 lbs per flat.
Pieces average 2"-3"
Purchase 5 flats for $29.50/ea
Or 10 flats or more for $28.00/ea
Brazilian Extra Dark Amethyst Druze - Grade 10
Size Large, 1-4kg range, sold in 44 lb cases
Reg. price $8.00/lb - SALE PRICE $6.00lb
Size XL, 4-10kg range, sold in 66 lb lots
Reg. price $8.00/lb - SALE PRICE $5.95lb
New shipment of Amethyst and Citrine
Churches and Crates are now available for purchase!
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Crates and Cathedral Boxes.
May Franklin 2017 Show Flyer
May 3rd is the last day for preorders.
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